High Effciency lower Price Coal Hot Water Boiler for heating

All about the high effciency lower price coal hot water boiler for heating popularity With winter coming, the amount of hot water boiler is gradually rising, so in the selection of hot water boilers, hot water boilers about the most common problem, we can do a simple understanding. 1. The output represents the hot water boiler hot water boiler on the output of the power is, in general, there are three expressions kcal / h, t /, MW. When seeing a similar expression, it may be simply determined. 2. The model models the constituent hot water boiler hot water boiler, in general, the volume and pressure of the boiler, the product design number, word consists of three groups Abbreviation manufacturer pinyin. 3. The hot water boiler heating area to measure the area of ​​heating hot water boilers mainly by the use of the site profile boilers (floor height, number of rooms, building insulation and other situation), boiler temperature status of the region, altitude situation (different temperatures and heating area above sea level, the same boiler is not the same), erection of boiler tubes will affect the ease of hot water boiler heating area, so in the election according to the boiler heating area, pay attention to the actual situation. The most important factor to measure the boiler 4. Boiler price measure is the price of thermal efficiency of boilers and auxiliary boiler configuration and nitrogen oxide emissions and boiler, and the other is the client's budget price, after a comprehensive assessment of these factors, then a simple measure, it may be more reasonable price. 5. coal-fired hot water boiler gas hot water boiler change feasible? Gas instead of coal-fired hot water boiler hot water boiler, can be carried out, as the current boiler upgrade and technology, from coal to gas in the boiler running thermal efficiency, and environmental effects on output have improved. Above, in the choice of hot water boiler has some referential value, in addition, if the customer already has a coal-fired boiler in use, want to transform the gas, it is also possible, specific assessment criteria, and the country is and hot water boiler itself be considered binding properties.

To people a good living environment, the Sichuan Provincial Government to respond positively to the national environmental policy, released the latest notice "Sichuan Province to win the Battle of Blue Sky" and other embodiments of nine. Which highlighted: increase Condensing units and cogeneration units technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe grid design. In areas do not have central heating conditions, the existing multiple small coal-fired boilers, to replace the principle of construction of large-capacity coal-fired boilers in accordance with the same amount. For shutting down key areas of environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance.

Scientific and orderly promote clean energy development and utilization of hydropower, natural gas (shale gas), wind power, solar, biomass and so on. As of 2020, the province's hydropower installed capacity reached 79 million kilowatts, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption reached 37.81%, increase the proportion of natural gas consumption to 16.19%.

The implementation of "Sichuan" Thirteen Five "energy development plan" requirements on coal consumption, increase the intensity of coal washing, coal simultaneous construction of new coal washing facilities, supporting the completion of existing coal mines coal washing facilities in accordance with points Area. Improve coal quality and use of industry standards, do not comply with the provisions of commercial coal quality management and environmental protection requirements of the indicators listed commercial coal. Prohibit the circulation and use of low-grade bulk coal, bulk coal investigated and dealt with according to the law without a license behavior. Increase the civil bulk coal clean governance efforts to promote electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal, to promote the use of clean coal, advanced civilian stoves, strengthen civil bulk coal management. Strengthen regulation and control coal use in autumn and winter. For shutting down key areas of environmental protection, energy, security and other non-compliance of more than 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units.

Gas-fired steam boiler and gas steam boiler which is more energy-efficient? General business in the procurement of steam boilers were more often or consider production efficiency problem, we need to know what kind of fuel steam boilers more energy-efficient choice is clear, and that is the most common gas steam boiler and gas steam boiler comparison which is more energy efficient? Following on from me give you an analysis. Clear answer the same model as compared to steam boilers or gas steam boiler energy conservation, we can roughly be calculated next-ton per hour boiler full load of work to 150-160Kg coal according to the market value of fuel gas and gas to about 80m3 . A further additional energy means 'gas' is higher than the calorific value of 'coal' fuel value, and then under the same conditions, producing one ton of steam, of course, fast burning gas. Also a ton of water to generate a tonne of steam, in theory, as much heat energy is required, the low single coal market price, it is cheaper than burning gas. But better to burn coal gas and environmental protection in environmental protection. If a large amount of production if the proposed biomass boiler, coal processing than such low investment, but also more environmentally friendly.

The coal fired steam boiler consists of two large boiler drum out of factory , up major possession including boiler body , upper steel frame and furnace wall ,lower bulk including coal bucket ,chain grate ,lower furnace wall, and internal ventilation tube. Fuel: Bituminous Coal, dry-burning coal, hard coal, ligneous coal, etc.

1.Combustion and both sides of the furnace chamber adopt membrane water-cooling wall structure. With this kind of structure, the boiler has a high heat transmission coefficient, low heat loss, good air tightness, no distortion for furnace wall and no ash leakage.

2.Furnace front and rear water wall tube extend down to the upper portion of the grate and form the front and back arch, which extends the span of arch.

3. Inverted “α” arch furnace technology makes the front arch high and short, rear arch low and long. This structure increases the burning time of the flue gas in the furnace so as to improve the combustion efficiency. Besides, the streamline shape of back arch can throw the left carbon grains from the back furnace grate into the front so that the coal is easier to get ignited. Finally, many types of coal can be applied in the boiler.

4.The length of the front and back shaft is longer than the other domestic ones, which prolongs the time of fuel combustion in the furnace and lower the carbon content in the furnace slag. Thus, the overload ability of the boiler is strengthened with the increased effect area of furnace grate.

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10) As for the issue of a single combined hot water boiler/holding tank to serve both heating and domestic hot water, a lot of people have them and like them. Personally, I do not due to the added cost, plus I like the option of having the water heater available to run hot water through the hydronic heating system in case of a furnace failure

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