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Common boiler capacity are 4t/h biomass fired boilers, 35t/h biomass fired boilers, 75t/h biomass fired boilers, and so on.

To continue to improve air quality and protect people's lives and health, Hainan Province, issued a "Hainan Air Pollution Prevention Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), a clear implementation of the total coal consumption control system, and gradually reduce the amount of coal consumption, phase out existing coal-fired units. "Regulations" since March 1, 2019 into effect.

"Regulations" put forward specific requirements for coal and other energy pollution control.

A prohibited import, sale and burning of coal does not meet quality standards; prohibited the import, sales do not meet standards of quality petroleum coke; prohibition of burning petroleum coke. Above the county level department in charge of market supervision and management need to be strengthened coal, petroleum coke quality management, from time to time on coal, petroleum coke quality sampling.

Second, the people's government above the county level market supervision and administration departments shall, jointly with relevant departments in charge of the environment, industry and information technology, etc. According to China's Hainan Province and the relevant provisions to strengthen the supervision and management of boiler production, import, sale, use, etc., do not compliance with environmental standards or requirements shall not manufacture, import, sale and use. Phasing out coal-fired boilers. Existing clean energy such as natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces, low NOx combustion should be completed within the prescribed period of transformation of the people's governments above the county level department in charge of the ecological environment. New clean energy such as natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces and other facilities shall pollution control measures such as the use of low NOx combustion.

Third, the central heating has been implemented for the work (production) business park, a ban on new construction, renovation, expansion of decentralized heating boilers, heating boilers should be dispersed in the original city, county, autonomous county people's government department in charge of market supervision prescribed period in the demolition; work not yet implemented central heating (production) business park has heating demand should be in the city, county, central heating implementation as soon as possible within the time limit prescribed Autonomous County people's government department in charge of market supervision and management, and removal of the original dispersion heating boilers.

Causes of black smoke emission in gas-fired boiler and its elimination methodGas boiler smoke pipe emission black smoke phenomenon, not only affects the environment, but also has a certain impact on the operation of our boiler, then what is the cause of this phenomenon? Today, Fangkuai Boiler Co., Ltd. analyzes the causes of its faults and the methods to eliminate them in view of this problem: first, the causes of the black smoke problems in gas-fired boilers: 1, Incomplete combustion of gas fuel: this is the main cause of black smoke from the boiler. When the boiler is in operation, the incomplete combustion of fuel not only produces carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, etc., but also produces carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Flammable gases such as methane After burning, black smoke came into being. The insufficient combustion of fuel will not only cause black smoke in gas-fired boiler, but also increase the use of fuel and increase the operating cost of enterprises. 2, the air volume is insufficient, the air distribution is bad, the furnace temperature is too low: when the hot air volume can not meet the need of combustion, the phenomenon of black smoke will appear. Second, gas-fired boiler smoke problem solution: fault phenomenon 1: too much feed or fuel wet, insufficient combustion will produce smoke. Exclusion method: adjust to suitable feed speed or replace dry fuel. Fault phenomenon 2: there are sulfur caking and excessive ash in the furnace, which clog oxygen. Constant supply. Removal methods: particles containing impurities, tar or acidic substances are easy to form sulfur slagging, remove them and change fuel in time. Fault 3: boiler heat pipe and flue dust blockage, exhaust obstruction. Elimination method: cleaning boiler heat pipe and flue in time. Fault phenomenon 4: the fan does not work. Elimination method: check fan. Fault phenomenon 4: secondary oxygen clogging or unopened removal method: check fan, adjust secondary oxygen supply. The above is the reason for the black smoke problem of the gas-fired boiler introduced by Fangkuai Gas Boiler Co., Ltd., and the way to eliminate it. To help.

A: the adaptability of the gas sources 1: Natural gas must depressurization gas regulator and gas regulator, the pressure before the Burner selected to meet the requirements before entering the burner, in order to work properly. 2: automatic adjustment operation of the boiler performance requirements: since a large gas consumption of the gas boiler, gas boiler as possible in order to reduce impact (sudden pressure regulator after the gas lift system during starting or stopping, sags ), controlling the gas boiler during operation must meet the following requirements: start (1) gas boiler must be adjusted to start at the minimum load of 30% (the rated load); (2) a gas boiler must be gradually reduced before shutdown load, rated load to be reduced before shutdown when the valve closes the solenoid 30%; (3) boilers can be automatically adjusted according to the boiler heat load during normal operation of the actual output stage operating conditions, automatically increasing demand for large Great demand hours automatically reduced, self-sustained heat balance of supply and demand, greatly reducing the number of start and stop the boiler; when reduced to 30% or less of the rated load, heat production is still greater than the output of the boiler, before proceeding down. (According to relevant statistics, the explosion occurred in the gas boiler start-up and shutdown of these two periods that occurred during ignition and fire in., A small gas boiler gas explosion has occurred 2/3 during ignition) (4) is provided above the automatic adjustment function is particularly important when a voltage regulator with many boilers, the boiler can start to avoid pressure fluctuations caused by stopping overpressure safety device or system boiler gas low-voltage protection action, the normal operation of the boiler shutdown. Two: for gas safety, gas boilers must have security facility 1: ignition control system for a gas boiler before ignition, purge the furnace and flue must be carefully excluded combustible gas furnace may be accumulated. A reasonable ignition process control systems to cope with the ignition process is automatically controlled fan only after the completion of furnace cleaning tasks to perform ignition; only when the ignition flame has been established (confirmed by a flame detector), and after a predetermined time has elapsed, a control valve main burner to open; ignition flame is automatically extinguished after a predetermined period of time; when the main flame could not be ignited within a predetermined period of time, the main burner can be automatically and quickly turn off the ignition flame is extinguished while gas boiler ignition procedures are generally monitored and controlled by a program controller. Control of the ignition process, the ignition before the total ventilation should be not less than 3 times the total volume from the furnace to the chimney population. 2: Safety Devices gas boiler is run prevent excessive wind load caused by a low flame, combustion automatic adjustment device should be installed on each boiler, intake air volume and gas supply gas boiler control linkage.

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