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Henan newly installed gas combined 2 ton electric hot water boiler 1 what kind of work before starting. Henan newly installed gas boiler before starting what should be done? These include: the tightness of (1) hydrostatic test (overpressure test), test pressure member. (2) Trial and various auxiliary electric door damper check. (3) oven. Water inside wall of the furnace and gas water boiler tubes Henan removed. (4) cooking stove and pickling. Remove grease deposits in the evaporator heating surface system, rust, oxide scale and corrosion products, and other like with lye and acid. (5) furnace aerodynamic field test. (6) flushing pipe. Henan boiler with gas flushing a self-generated steam, the second steam duct heteroaryl residue. (7) check security doors. 2. Henan gas boiler before start time and temperature of water on what regulations? why? Water speed before the start of Henan gas boiler should not be excessive, winter generally less than 4h, other seasons 2 ~ 3h, especially in the beginning of the water should be slow. Cold boiler water temperature is generally not more than 100 ℃, so that the temperature difference between the feedwater entering the drum drum wall temperature is not more than 40 ℃. Henan not completely cooled gas boiler drum water temperature, mutatis mutandis, wall temperatures, generally the difference should be controlled within 40 ℃, it should slow down or speed water. The reasons are: (1) Since the thick-walled drum, slow expansion, the wall of the tube is connected to the drum wall is thin, expanded rapidly. If the inlet water temperature is too high or too fast, uneven expansion will cause the weld cracks occur, resulting in damage to the equipment. (2) when the water supply enters the drum, the drum is always in contact with the first half wall, if the water temperature and the drum wall temperature difference is too large, the influent fast speed, on the drum, the lower wall, the inner and outer wall inter will have a greater expansion difference, caused a large drum to additional stress, causing deformation of the drum, when severe cracks.

Our other fast combined 2 ton electric hot water boiler in the boiler industry strength already heard, through cooperation proves that our choice is correct. This water-tube boilers installed very quickly, basically no delay our production process, bring benefits to the enterprise. --customer feedback

Electric heating combined 2 ton electric hot water boiler prices hot water boiler electric water heating electric boilers price advantage (1) in the heat of Henan Yongxing electric boiler mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, electrical energy directly into heat, the thermal efficiency of more than 95% , small size, light weight, no pollution, no noise, safe and reliable operation, automatic load adjustment. Heating regulators, automatic process control, easy installation and maintenance, unattended, an ideal energy-saving heating equipment. (Ii) compared with other fuel boiler, it has the following advantages: 1. Compared with other boilers, electric boilers saving footprint of the boiler. 2. Using an electric boiler can save oil and other places. 3, can save investment chimney. 4. Heating can be reduced using the regenerative heating costs. Price cut depends on the difference between the average price of peace grain prices. Performance advantages: 1. Large steam space, good steam quality. Intelligent automatic control technology, do not need to be on duty. Flexible operating modes can be set manually settable automatic 3. Boiler cycles as needed or automatic operation, the day can be set to a plurality of different working hours, the boiler can start each time sharing group auto-heating, and can be recycled switching the heating group, the respective contacts can simultaneously use the same frequency. Improve the life of the equipment. The controller can automatically control the pressure, calculus and tracking, and to start and stop the pump and to electric heating automatically when the load changes. It can also be controlled manually. 5. With leakage protection, water protection, ground fault protection, steam overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, power protection and other full protection, the boiler automatic protection, safe return home. 6. Boiler furnace using steel boiler, furnace longitudinal and circumferential weld X-ray inspection to automatic welding, and. Small boiler furnace and electrical integration, easy installation and connection. Large boiler body design and electronic control of the separator, the influence of temperature on the electrical control to ensure stable operation of the electric control device. Compact structure, scientific and rational design, advanced manufacturing technology, the boiler space is small, easy to transport, space-saving use. 8. No noise, no pollution, high thermal efficiency. High quality and efficient boiler heat insulation materials, low heat dissipation, energy saving. 9. The packaging using known boiler, excellent color plates packaging design, elegant appearance, easy to rust. ten. All electrical components are CE and CCC certification mark to ensure product safety and service life. eleven. Advanced circuit design, wiring neat, easy to operate. 12. The electric heating furnace body flange connection, easy disassembly and maintenance. Automatic water supply, water, over-temperature, over-pressure, automatic power-off alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection system .14. PLC programmable control computer and display, and to achieve the temperature set by the Temperature Control HMI, the display shows the operating parameters and fault alarm device status.

The system mainly composed of Shandong Shandong gas combined 2 ton electric hot water boiler gas boiler has now become the main lot cell equipment, schools, hot water heating, has the advantage of short heating to a temperature depending on the use and characteristics of highly stable gas boiler Shandong such devices, and Shandong gas boiler manufacturers for the sale of the control is relatively strict, let's look at the main gas boiler system Shandong composition: 1 air supply system Shandong gas-fired boiler air supply system is a more important part, because the gas in the combustion the process requires a certain amount of oxygen can guarantee full combustion of gas, so the air supply system has its own throttle controller, fan motor and fan and other parts, also in strategic locations and connected to the monitoring system to ensure timely delivery of understanding air system operating conditions; 2. ignition system according to another group of Shandong gas boiler system for the ignition system, ignition system object exists mainly in order to ignite the fuel, the ignition system comprising ignition transformers, ignition electrodes and the like, and to the electrical steps must arrange fire personnel hand Moving operation, Shandong gas boiler in order to protect security so using a manual procedure to complete the ignition operation; 3 monitoring system Shandong gas boiler also uses a monitoring system, in order to ensure that the process gas boiler operation, the air pressure, temperature real-time monitoring, when something goes wrong the first time it is possible to cut off the power supply startup protection and warning procedures to improve the safety performance of Shandong gas boiler operation, the monitoring system is a safety factor of gas-fired boiler system infrastructure upgrade; Shandong gas boiler is not only the air supply system , ignition system and monitoring system also includes a fuel system and electric control system, so this system is the basis of the five gas-fired boiler system is also essential systems. In the process of using the gas boiler in Shandong we should also pay attention to its maintenance, Shandong, use and maintenance of the gas boiler is also relatively easy way, can effectively reduce the workload and long working staff.

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