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Differences and characteristics of vertical and horizontal industrial 50 tph fired boiler agent russias industrial boilers? With respect to the vertical boiler, many customers are more inclined to horizontal boiler, and why? In large part because all that space boiler room. Another reason is the customer's misunderstanding that is long sideways horizontal boiler, is standing vertical boiler, for example, many customers believe that large-scale bulk fluidized bed boiler is vertical, but for this boiler, the and no vertical or horizontal points. Boiler industry-specific vertical and horizontal boiler boiler two words, speaking from the model, such as gas-fired boiler fuel WNS is horizontal, that is, "W" of the content, which is a horizontal furnace oil and gas products; standing the boiler is LSG vertical "L" of pressure boilers.

Select the first steam 50 tph fired boiler agent russia to know what parameters? Steam boilers have the following main parameters: 1, Rated evaporation Rated evaporation is power steam boiler, steam boiler is the most important parameter, usually expressed in tons evaporation, that is, we usually say how many tons of boiler. 2, rated steam pressure rated steam pressure means that the steam pressure generated in the steam boiler, generally expressed in MPa or kg. 1MPa is 10 kg, like laundry, all hospitals, factories and the like conventional steam occasions the general use of low-pressure steam 1.0MPa or less. Only when using steam as a power to require the use of high-pressure steam. 3, where the steam temperature of said steam temperature, refers to the temperature of saturated steam. Saturated steam pressure and steam temperature are corresponding. Temperature of saturated steam at a pressure of 1MPa 184 ℃. 4, gas / oil / coal consumption fuel consumption is an important indicator of concern when choosing a steam boiler, which is directly related to the use of the running cost of the boiler. In the operation of the boiler, the fuel cost is very impressive, if just considering the purchase cost of buying a cheap but high energy boiler, which led to the late high operating costs, certain that it will be wasted. 5, the thermal efficiency of fuel consumption with the boiler thermal efficiency of boilers is inversely proportional. The higher thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption of the boiler. Boiler thermal efficiency expressed as a percentage, the value is a more intuitive. 6, the boiler operating weight, size or location in the election of the steam boiler, it should find the place whether the load per unit area can withstand the weight of the steam boiler, and if there is enough space to place the steam boiler maintenance and reserve space.

December 20, "Shanghai Air Pollution Prevention Act," a modified version of issued and published by the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, with effect from January 1, 2019 came into effect.

First, the discharge of industrial waste gas or coal-fired heat production specified operating business units of toxic and hazardous air pollutants listed in the directory of institutions, central heating and other facilities to implement pollution permits management according to law shall, pursuant to the provisions of Shanghai, to the municipal or district environment department applied for and obtained the focus of air pollutants discharge Permit (hereinafter referred to as emission permits); no discharge permit shall not discharge the focus of air pollutants.

Emissions to air pollutants shall comply with the air pollutant emission standards, compliance with the total focus of air pollutant emission control requirements. New construction, expansion, renovation project focused on emissions of atmospheric pollutants, the focus should obtain the total air pollutant emission targets in accordance with the provisions of, and environmental protection examination and approval procedures for construction projects. Need to apply for a discharge permit construction projects shall obtain emission permits before being put into production as required.

Second, easy to appear in the autumn and winter of heavy pollution weather, the city of steel, building materials, coking, casting, aluminum, chemical high emission industries related company should arrange production plan to strengthen air pollution control measures. Economic information administrative departments should strengthen the guidance jointly with the municipal environment department.

Third, the environment department to determine the emissions of air pollutants key sewage units, must be configured using air pollutant emission-line monitoring equipment, and the environment departments into a unified monitoring network.

Fourth, in addition to coal-fired power plant, the city's ban on new or expanded coal burning, heavy oil, residual oil, petroleum coke, high-polluting fuel (hereinafter referred to as high-polluting fuels) facilities; the construction of coal-fired power plant in accordance with the relevant provisions of Shanghai .

For large-scale machinery such as oil and gas 50 tph fired boiler agent russias, it is difficult to give an accurate numerical answer if you simply ask how much the boiler price is. In the previous article, we have already introduced that the boiler price calculation will be affected by various factors such as boiler type, brand, structural composition, materials used, and auxiliary machine parts. Therefore, there are still large differences in the price of oil and gas boilers. And the customer's purchase plan is different, the price will also be different.

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