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7) Steam from the steam drum is sent to the primary superheater.

8) Steam is super heated to a high temperature and pressure in the primary superheaters and then moves to the secondary superheaters.

9) In the secondary superheaters steam meets the very hot gases exiting the top of the boiler. The steam is heated to its final temperature and pressure before leaving the boiler as main steam. The main steam is sent to the high pressure steam turbine. The steam turbines drive a generator which produces electricity.

10)Steam exiting the high pressure steam turbine is called cold reheat. It is reheated in the reheater and sent back to the second steam turbine.

Tubular steam boiler gas boiler plant in Henan: Iannone fuel boiler best quality vertical steam generator exemption certificate for the use of the unique design of the internal structure of the series water volume is less than 50L, within the exemption permits boiler use a range of countries that use the certificate without going through the boiler . Furnace is equipped with a built-in separator, to solve the problem of steam with water, and more to ensure the quality of steam. Fuel steam generators advanced automatic control system for the automatic control of boiler operation, all operating states are available at a glance on the LCD screen. You can observe in the display to the burner working condition, biomass burning furnace gas state level Tubular steam boilers, boiler plants current temperature, feed pump running status, DZH type moving grate biomass steam boiler. Failure alarm status, allowing you to keep abreast of boiler operating conditions, use more confidence. Fool a control key, a single button press enter the automatic running, LSH vertical biomass steam boiler, all the safety devices are to work without special duty, the operator more secure, are to work Tubular gas steam boiler worry.

To speed up the transformation of coal-fired boiler project, the Tianjin Municipal Government were tender for coal-fired boiler products. In the bidding site, a number of boiler prosperity across the country have resorted to every means, come to bid on his own star product. Fang fast low nitrogen water tube boiler with its unique architecture and technology, will come to the fore in this bid, the successful bidder Tianjin Justice Drive surrounding district project.

Small gas steam boiler in the hotel building applications in daily production, how to save energy and reduce the emission of pollutants, reduce costs, increase economic benefits to the business, the real problem is getting attention, and gradually resolved. Shenyang is a hotel accommodation, offices, restaurants, stores in one large commercial buildings, construction area of ​​6 × 104m2. During the heating period, heating systems, domestic hot water steam system, laundry room used by the municipal heat supply network. After the heating period, domestic hot water systems, steam laundry prepared from 2 model white WNS8-1.25-YQ fuel steam boiler (heating of serving as backup boilers) for the steam, steam production of single 8t / h. Steam boiler room to the sub-cylinder (in the basement podium) linear distance is 200m, and specifications for the steam supply pipe DN250mm, Buried employed, the compensator 4 disposed manhole. Based on the actual measured amount of steam on the hotel, and the application of energy-saving small gas steam boiler in the hotel building were discussed. Selection 2 gas steam boiler us 2009 June 7 to July 1 for steam consumption for domestic hot water systems, laundry room were measured. Average pressure of 0.08MPa steam, hot water systems, laundry average daily amount of steam were 7.43,2.43t / d. Two systems together, the maximum amount of steam per unit time and the average amounts were 0.77,0.41t / h. From the measured data, daily 9: 30-11: 30, 15: 30-17: 00 cooking gas peak, the highest air consumption is 19.65m3 / h, the hotel into the household gas pipeline gas supply capacity of 95m3 / h. According to domestic hot water, laundry room two systems unit time summer highest steam consumption is 0.77t / h, should be used in a 1t / h gas steam boiler, its gas consumption is 76m3 / h. In actual use, reasonable arrangements for gas time, can fully meet the demand for gas gas steam boiler. From the above analysis, the steam production of the hotel is much larger than the existing fuel steam boiler steam summer practical usage. According to the measured summer daily expenditure of more than just fuel costs more than 3000 yuan / d. Underground layer may be mounted on a podium 1t / h gas steam boiler, steam lines since all indoors, and therefore low cost pipeline system, and reduce the emission of pollutants, environmental protection efficiency significantly. 3 gas steam boiler room design of the hotel podium underground over 3 floors, including the basement of the original generator set oil storage has been discontinued, construction area of ​​about 60m2, close to the basement exit ramps from the gas pipeline into the family 8m, after transformation, can be used as gas heating boiler room. Gas heating boiler heating system flow shown in Figure 1. Gas heating boiler to be mounted ventilation system, the ventilation normally not less than 6 times / h, accident ventilation of not less than 12 times / h, the amount of exhaust air volume should be slightly larger, so that the boiler room space maintain positive pressure, and the ventilation should be selected proof products. Gas heating boiler to be mounted combustible gas detection and alarm devices, combustible gas detection and alarm device to automatically signal when gas leakage occurs, the emergency shut-off valve closed and to ensure that no further leakage of the combustible gas. Water spray system shall be installed, and the sprinkler system in conjunction with the original. Gas heating boiler in order to prevent water from leaking into the premises are ground floor, the ground should boiler room waterproofing and drainage ditch, the concentrated water discharged to the ground floor drainage system pressure, into the room promptly [1,2 ].

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The vertical steam option will take care of bigger jobs too, like steaming your curtains or delicate hanging garments. The special calc cleaning system inside the steam generator filters and purifies the water on its way to the tank, which reduces limescale build-up to keep your iron as good as new.

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Optimal design of vertical natural circulation steam

Highlights We establish stability mathematical model of steam generator and reactor core. We propose a new particle swarm optimization algorithm. The algorithm can overcome premature phenomenon and has a high search precision. Optimal weight of steam generator is 15.1% less than original. Sensitivity analysis and optimal design provide reference for steam generator design.

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Vertical Once Through Industrial Gas Lpg Steam Generator MOQ: 1 Set $6,000.00-$20,000.00 /Set

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