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Misunderstandings in cleaning of condensing boilers and their improvement measures

During the manufacture, transportation and installation of the condensing boiler directly supplied by the new factory, the inner wall of the condensing boiler is concentrated with oxide or other dirt, which causes the condensing boiler to be corroded by the hot surface during its initial operation. Therefore, a series of measures should be taken to ensure the cleanliness of the condensing boiler when it is installed and ready to run. So in the process of consumer cleaning, what mistakes will be misplaced, and how to use it correctly? 1. there is no chemical analysis in the process of chemical cleaning: chemical cleaning is a very rigorous process. But if the chemical cleaning is not complete, some of the dirt has not been completely cleaned; and if the cleaning time is too long, Wash phenomenon will occur; cleaning effect is not good, secondary cleaning will waste raw materials, and delay time. The phenomenon of excessive washing will aggravate the corrosion of condensing boiler, cause the metal bearing capacity of condensing boiler to decrease, and affect the normal operation of condensing boiler. The improvement measures are: must do the chemical analysis detection in the chemical cleaning process, every ten minutes to test the acidity, the total iron ion concentration, the PH value. When the two analytical data are close, the chemical cleaning reaches the end point, neutralizing the acid solution to the neutral and then discharging.

2. no passivation after chemical cleaning: passivation process is actually a clean condensation boiler body surface and passivation agent re-reaction process. Because the control point of passivation is more strict, if the control point is not well controlled, the passivation will fail, and if the pickling is finished, only simple neutralization will be carried out, and the cleaning will end, which makes the surface of the cleaned condensing boiler easy to produce secondary floating rust. The scale-inhibiting ability of condensing boiler is reduced, which makes it easy to rust. The improvement measure is to rinse and passivate the condensing boiler after pickling. Because the passivation requirement is relatively strict, the concentration of total iron ions must be strictly controlled in the rinsing process. Rinse After finishing, the pH value should be adjusted to strong alkalinity immediately after the iron ion is detected, and the passivation agent should be added to passivate the temperature.

Steam boiler in Henan natural circulation pump and clean fast boiler's 7 ton per hour steam boiler supplier Xiao Bian told you about in the natural circulation pump and clean natural circulation boiler is the use of the density difference circulation loop rise and fall pipe soda mixture with water in the pipe to establish the working fluid cycle. Having a drum, a radiation heating surface, convection heating surface and a button connected to a steam boiler, a steam separator, and a larger heat storage capacity of water, more reliable water cycle, water separation was also better. But the drum heat capacity, simple wall thickness, temperature, and speed limits start and stop the boiler drum manufacturing, transportation and installation is also more difficult. Natural circulation boiler further includes two types: a steam boiler, and such a boiler is divided into: 1) Simple cycle: on the drum, the downcomer, the lower header tank or drum, and also some of the riser pipe constructed in parallel there are upper header. 2) Complex cycle: different conditions riser group consisting of linked together by common circulation circuit member. Two hot water boiler in the natural cycle further includes the following three: 1) the whole natural circulation: In addition to an outer surface heating radiation, convection heating surface are all working according to the natural circulation, the use of heating surface bundle structure. 2) Natural circulation predominant: radiation heating convection heating surface area for the most natural circulation, convection heating surface portions of the work by directly using serpentine configuration. 3) semi-natural circulation type: radiation heating surface is natural circulation, convection heating surface by all DC operation, serpentine tube means. Natural circulation boiler For ultra high pressure steam boiler or less, more subcritical pressure employed, but the soda density difference decreases, weakening the flow head, high purification of the steam separator and steam requirements, the highest pressure of 17.3 MPa, the capacity to 2350t / h. Oil cleanliness have a significant impact on the life of the hydraulic pump, in addition to the requirements set forth above, the user must also pay special attention to the following points: 1, must be fuel tanks, pipes, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic before installing, commissioning clean valves, etc., of the oil must be filtered oil vehicle when filling new oil to the tank, to prevent the contamination caused by the dirty barrel of oil. 2, must be prevented during transport, since the disassembly packing conduit pipe caused by contamination, and the tank element. Thus, hydraulic oil tank and other devices as far as possible the overall packaging system, as few as possible detached pipe, tubing and fittings must be disassembled at all sealed with a dust. 3, the new pump one week after use, the need to once all the oil filter, oil and the oil filter and washed, and then according to machine work load situation 3 to 6 months to replace a fluid, a cleaning tank. 4, during use of the system is prohibited due to heat generation and the injection hole or opening the fuel tank cap.

June 20 this year, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Hutubi County textile industrial park a LOHAS fruit and vegetable plant in the region, two workers were dismantling a height of 20 tons of steam coal-fired boiler chimney 50 meters, which is Finally, the county removed a large tonnage of coal-fired boiler, after the removal of 300 tons per year to reduce coal pollution.

After removal of coal-fired boilers, textile industrial park will access a unified steam heating system, the coal-fired boiler plant will be dismantled access system, both low nitrogen environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

In recent years, Hutubi County to respond positively to China's environmental protection policy, and vigorously promote the "Blue Sky Project", to conduct a comprehensive environmental management and air pollution control activities that will improve air quality as the top priority of economic and social development.

It is understood that Hutubi County this year to increase environmental protection efforts, the New Chemical Materials Park, Textile Park, a new industrial park and other parks coal-fired boilers are dismantled processing equipment, present the industrial park has been demolished 67 companies a total of 98 fuel stations coal boiler, after the removal of 10,000 tons per year to reduce coal pollution.

Secretary Hutubi County Industrial Park Administrative Committee of Economic Development, Sun Xiaotong said: "Industrial Park to good project access, the introduction of new projects, environmental protection must first over that hurdle; increase the park's environmental infrastructure investment , to lay the foundation for entry into the project; increase the industrial enterprises of environmental remediation efforts, requires companies to complete the task of environmental protection standards, to achieve green development, restructuring and development, quality development. "

April 6 this year, Hutubi County has also set tough fight pollution prevention and control headquarters, hand drawn increasing ecological environmental issues reform efforts, strict implementation of environmental protection, "A Pair of responsibility," "party and government with responsibility" layer by layer progressive pressure tight compaction tasks to ensure that environmental issues rectification precise place.

Deputy Director of Hutubi County Office of Pollution Prevention battle command room Zhangxin Hao said: "conscientiously implement the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčecological civilization Xi Jinping, the CPC Central Committee and implement the spirit of ecological protection zone state Assembly to do the rectification work to promote the co-ordination of environmental protection issues, and resolutely fight tough fight pollution prevention efforts to build a sky blue green water of the Qing Hutubi. "

Difference pressure hot water boiler and pressure hot water boiler (1) boiler pressure hot water boiler heating system is pressure equipment, with a risk of explosion. The boiler pressure hot water boiler heating system is not under pressure, always open to the atmosphere so that the boiler will not explode in any case, good safety performance. (2) pressure hot water boiler is full of water, there is no level control problem. Pressure hot water boiler water level control problems. The boiler drum is full of water, still connected to the top of the box opening, there is still water level control problems. (3) pressure hot water boiler to be fitted with a pressure gauge, safety valve and thermometer, because the boiler always is full of water, so no water level, water level gauge and thermometer and only pressure hot water boiler, boiler and air because the same, the pot is always pressure to atmospheric pressure, there is no danger of explosion, it is not necessary to install a safety valve, pressure gauge can not be installed. Circulating pump (4) pressure hot water boiler heating system is sent to the return pumping systems engineering boiler, water pump is generally used. It has to overcome the resistance of the systemic circulation, but also to maintain a certain pressure boilers, boiler water at high temperature to ensure that no vaporization. The boiler circulating pump water heating system pressure is pumped from the boiler, the heat pump is the pump that functions to overcome the resistance of the system, mainly to overcome the resistance of the valve regulating backwater. (5) Supply of low pressure hot water boiler not only water, but also for high-temperature water. Pressure hot water boiler can supply the low-temperature water of less than 100 deg.] C.

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