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Oil and gas fuel introduction

There are several series of oil and gas boilers produced by ZG boiler, wns oil and gas boiler series, szs oil and gas boiler series, vacuum hot water boilers and fuel gas power station boilers. ZG boiler 's 70-year manufacturing history has made ZG boiler a rich boiler technology achievement. ZG boiler 's boiler series products are developing rapidly, and they are traced to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and are gradually entering every corner of the world.

What are the characteristics of vacuum boilers?

Vacuum phase change boilers in the industry are usually referred to as vacuum boilers. Professional vacuum boilers form a negative pressure vacuum environment within the enclosed furnace body. There is no danger of expansion and explosion because a vacuum boiler creates a low-pressure environment with little air, and then uses water to boil at a low temperature to produce steam. As a result, it is now commonly used in higher elevations. Let's find out what the features of the vacuum boiler are.

1, the vacuum boiler will not corrode because the internal structure of the vacuum boiler is negative pressure vacuum state, so it is completely isolated from the atmospheric pressure, so the pump pumps configured by the various units of the boiler will continuously discharge the steam from the unit. It does not corrode the internal structure, so vacuum phase change boilers perform fairly well in terms of durability.

2, safety and reliability are different from ordinary atmospheric pressure boilers. Because vacuum boilers pump air out of the inner container to form a vacuum environment, the furnace body does not work under the vacuum body in the course of use and will not be expanded by heat. It is not a pressure vessel, so there is no risk of explosion. At the same time, if the pressure increases due to faults or other perceived factors, the vacuum pressure switch automatically cuts off the power supply, so vacuum boilers are more reliable than other types of boilers in terms of safety.

How to guarantee steam quality of steam boiler

Steam boilers are much more widely used than hot water boilers. Hot water boilers are mainly used for heating and providing hot water supply, while steam boilers cover all industries such as industrial and power generation. What are the requirements for boiler boilers for boiler boilers? Undoubtedly safe, stable, efficient, long service life, cost savings, etc., however, these requirements are indirectly or directly related to steam quality. The quality of steam is critical because it affects the stability, reliability and economy of the system, as well as product quality, production power and energy consumption. If the steam boiler user does not pay attention to this, it will definitely lead to a series of follow-up problems for the boiler.

1) Cleanliness: There are rust and carbonate deposits in the steam pipeline, and there may be slag and sealant fragments remaining in the equipment. These impurities may cause jamming and damage to the valves and equipment, and also increase the wear of the pipeline. The way to improve cleanliness is to install a pipe filter, and the filter should be horizontal.

2) Dryness: Incorrect water treatment of boiler hydration, unreasonable boiler level control, and short-term high peak load and other factors will cause the boiler to co-exit the boiler, so that the boiler outlet carries boiler water. When steam is moving in the pipeline, heat dissipation from the pipeline condenses a portion of the steam, adding condensate from the pipeline. The chemical substances and other impurities carried in the condensed water will accumulate on the surface of the heat exchange equipment, affecting the power of the heat exchange equipment, and the accumulated impurities will be fouled on the metal surface of the equipment, resulting in uneven heating of the metal surface and shortened life. In addition, the presence of moisture in the vapor reduces the transpiration of the steam, adding steam consumption; the moisture in the steam will increase the thickness of the water film measured by the heat of the heat transfer, and the rated heat transfer resistance occurs. The addition of a steam separator is a useful way to improve steam dryness, and an efficient steam separator can increase steam dryness to 98%.

3) Purity: There is air in the steam system because the steam that is generated by the boiler still inevitably contains a small amount of air, and there are also air when the pipes and equipment are started. When the system and equipment are shut down, the air is taken in due to the internal vacuum. The air has a very low thermal conductivity and is a poor conductor for heating. The inclusion of air in the steam system will reduce the production capacity of the steam equipment and will also increase the corrosion of pipes, valves and equipment. The most useful way to eliminate non-condensable gases such as air in a steam system and thereby improve the purity of the steam is to install an automatic air venting device in the system.

4) Pressure/temperature stability: In order to ensure process heating requirements, the steam pressure at the steam point should reach the demand value. Together, the steam pressure should not be too high, otherwise steam consumption will be added.

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