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Grate type biomass fired boiler can be divide into two types boiler according to working medium. Chain grate horizontal biomass steam boiler and chain grate biomass hot water boiler. In boilers, grate firing requires less fuel preparation than pulverized fuel firing. Biomass can be used as it is, i.e. there is no treatment between the forest or the farmer and the power plant.

Since gas steam boiler lto philippines energy saving fashion choice to create a new concept of reform and opening up, China's industry has developed rapidly, public life is getting better. However, in recent years, a large number of industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust and dust blowing sand caused by environmental pollution, making the environmental quality of our cities is getting worse atmosphere. Haze over the city often locked to people's survival has brought great health threat. Currently environmental governance has become central to the question from the local environmental protection departments at all levels focus on concentrating on. Gas-fired steam boilers to treatment of industrial waste gas emissions need to start from the source to replace coal-fired boilers with energy saving gas boiler, is the most effective way to quickly and directly to fundamentally solve the industrial waste gas emissions. Now, many previously used coal-fired boilers companies will need to order a gas boiler upgrade. In response to this production and sales of new gas-fired boiler situation, recently, the reporter came to Anyang, Henan Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. interviewed understand. Originally, Anyang, Henan Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. is the designated national production of boilers and pressure vessels manufacturing enterprises, boiler over forty years and one, two, three types of pressure vessel manufacturing history. It has Class A boiler production licenses and one, two, three types of pressure vessel design, manufacturing license qualification. Over the years, Yu Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. has always adhere to the quality of survival, technology and development, people-oriented business philosophy, with strong personnel and development strength, advanced technology and equipment, the production of boilers and pressure vessels products sold at home and abroad . At present, environmental pollution, improve air quality without delay. Yu Xin Boiler Co., Ltd. According to this new market demand, rapid response, and actively carry out R & D and innovation, the first time introduced a variety of specifications for the various manufacturers of gas boilers and a number of other categories of environment-friendly boiler. Gas boiler Boiler Co., Ltd. of Henan Xin has been introduced, has been widely acclaimed by various production companies, customers continue to visit, orders soared. For continued strong sales of energy saving Yu Xin gas boiler, the reporter also made a key understanding. Compared with other boiler, gas boiler, Henan Xin is wet back, waveform furnace structure, heating surface are arranged symmetrically, so that the boiler and the expansion force more reasonable; rational heated area and ensures good water circulation and heat exchange the effect of heat transfer at their best to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Full butt weld wet back structure Henan Xin gas steam boiler, to avoid damage to the back wall of the high temperature flue gas, but also to ensure reliable operation of the boiler; a waveform combustion furnace, effectively reducing the thermal stress of the boiler, improved boiler safety and service life; selection of well-known international brand burners and advanced automatic control system for the boiler combustion more stable, more convenient, more secure and reliable. After Zhefan understood that reporters understand that it is one of the current fashion of choice in the situation of energy saving Yu Xin gas boiler.

In order to promote technological progress and sustainable development, improve environmental quality and protect public health, recently, the Liaoning Provincial People's Government of air pollutants for coal-fired power plants developed specific criteria (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"). This is the first time a set of policies Liaoning Province for air pollutant coal power plant.

"Standard" provides for pollutant discharge limits, surveillance and monitoring requirements within the jurisdiction of coal-fired power plant in Liaoning Province atmospheric and fugitive emissions control requirements. Since the implementation of the standards, air pollutant emissions coal-fired power plants all within the jurisdiction of Liaoning Province will be executed in accordance with the provisions of this standard.

2, since January 1, 2019, the emission limits of existing single output and more than 300MW generating units supporting the provision of a coal-fired power generation boilers execution table.

3, since 1 December 2020, the emission limits of existing single output 300MW generating units supporting the coal-fired power generation boilers and other power boilers as specified in Table 1 execution.

Sampling the exhaust gas (1) power plant, to be carried out in a predetermined position in accordance with the type of monitor emissions monitoring contaminants. In the discharge of pollutants should be set up to monitor the position of long-term monitoring holes, sampling platform and related facilities. When the sampling platform height from the ground greater than 40m, should be set by a lift platforms, lifts or other convenient and safe facilities. No elevator or elevator building coal-fired power plants, when the sampling platform height from the ground greater than 20m, should be set up safe, convenient electric monitoring equipment hoisting facilities.

Composition structure (3) continuous monitoring system atmospheric pollutants, technical requirements, test items, test methods and installation, commissioning, acceptance, operation management, data processing, etc. according to the provisions of HJ75 and HJ76.

(5) continuous monitoring system meter of air pollutants detection sensitivity, detection limit, and should meet the range of low concentrations of pollutant emission monitoring technical requirements, the concentration of nitrogen oxides include nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (of NO2), Determination of nitric oxide only has the ability to configure the analytical device of nitrogen oxides NO2 / NO converter.

(7) for coal-fired power boiler emissions of air pollutants sampling monitoring, sampling frequency, the sampling time and the operating load requirements,, HJ / T397 and related predetermined low exhaust gas concentration monitoring is performed according to specifications GB / T16157.

(9) shall be in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise "Environmental Monitoring and Management Measures" and the HJ819, HJ820 requirements of pollutant emissions and its impact on environmental quality around to conduct their own surveillance, monitoring and save the original records, public information.

Determination of air pollutants fired power plant analysis are shown in Table 2. After the release of the present embodiment national standard method of monitoring criteria pollutants, such as applicability to meet the requirements, the same applies to the determination of the corresponding standard contaminants present.

2, responsible for overseeing the management of this standard by the executive authorities and the standardization of administrative departments above the county level environmental protection. The results of the environmental protection departments at all levels and other relevant units in the enterprise supervision and checks can be instantly sampled or monitored the scene as determining whether acts of sewage meet emissions standards based on the relevant environmental protection and the implementation of management measures.

Environmental protection and energy saving boiler lto philippines tempering process environmentally friendly energy from the fire the boiler has a good environmental protection, energy saving effect, prone to temper and fire off phenomenon in the course of their work, in order to prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, we need reasonable approach , gave the following we introduce the tempering equipment and fire off process: 1, when the intake pressure is normal, the pressure regulating valve should check whether the fault immediately removed, while the pressure regulating valve can be switched into the standby and opens the bypass valve . 2, should first check the gas pressure is normal, because more often than other causes of this cause, so we have to check it out. 3, if the pressure is too low, it should be the entire gas pipeline to check all aspects of: 4, if the above measures is still valid, you should check for leaks throughout the gas pipeline, the valve should be closed (such as emptying valve) whether not shut out, etc., and try to clean up and correct. If the cause is always the boiler room gas pipeline pressure is reduced, first check the air pressure regulator stations ascertain that there is inlet pressure is reduced, then contact the gas station to improve the supply pressure. 5, when the environmental effects of energy conservation boiler flashback or failure from the fire, operators should do is to quickly find the cause and correct treatment in a timely manner. 6, when the gas pressure can not be restored to normal, reducing the number of burners should be put into operation, the down-load operation until the termination of the effect of environmental protection and energy boiler. 7, when the gas pressure is too high, the regulator valve on respective segments of the overall gas pipeline inspection, without missing a, while the throttle opening degree of each check burner meets the requirements. 8, for the prevention of accidents may be caused by tempering, pre-loaded on the gas pipeline on the flame arrester also called back firearms. When the pressure is too low and could not discover operator, the role is to allow the flame arrester automatically extinguished. In order to prevent the emergence of environmentally friendly energy boiler and tempering from the fire, we can control the pressure of the gas, to keep it within the specified appropriate range of values, the importance of training equipment operators, to have the appropriate skills and then posts.

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