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How to judge whether the burning oil and gas boiler is extinguished or not?

The indication value of the negative pressure gauge of the fuel gas boiler furnace suddenly increases; the inside of the furnace becomes black, the flame is not seen by the fire hole; the burning sound of the furnace disappears; the fire monitor emits a fire extinguishing signal; the temperature and air pressure drop sharply, and the water level drops first and then rises. These are all flameouts. If the auxiliary fan accident causes a flameout, if the power supply of the induced draft fan or blower is interrupted, there will be an accident signal; if the fuel supply is interrupted, the boiler fuel or gas pressure will drop to zero.

Henan oil-fired boiler Introduction Product Introduction: Henan oil-fired boiler to run than electric heating boiler economic, easy to use than gas-fired boiler. With economic development and social progress and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, coal-fired boilers due to serious pollution, moving away from sight, replaced by a new environmentally friendly digital boiler, such as electric heating boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler, electric heating boiler is more expensive, gas-fired boilers need to open a gas pipeline, then, if there is no gas pipeline, and hope boiler low operating costs, only select oil-fired boiler. Boot check: 1, various instruments, whether the instrument to confirm the adequacy of fuel tank, and the inlet valve is opened. 2, confirm the soft capacity and the water tank boiler water quality meets the requirements of the main valve is opened and boiler feed water inlet valve. 3, rotation of the oil filter to remove debris. 4, drain the remaining water in the boiler, while the opening operation of the low level alarm and chain. Features: 1, inserted within a fire retardant spoiler tube, slow speed exhaust enhance heat transfer, the temperature of the flue gas discharged from a low smoke chamber, reducing heat loss and save fuel. 2, furnace by computer-aided design, each of the heating surface is optimized, compact and reasonable arrangement, small boiler area, high thermal efficiency. 3, the user can set the start, shutdown time, after setting, no special duty, easy, and effort. 4, according to the boiler pressure furnace design, furnace provided with a top opening to atmosphere, the boiler is in an unpressurised state, there is no risk of explosion. 5, the inner fire tube inserted spoiler retardant, smoke slow speed, to strengthen the heat exchanger, combustion heat is conducted to a large extent in water, the discharged flue gas temperature is low smoke chamber, reducing heat loss and save fuel. 6, the water level sensor water level real-time monitoring, to continuously monitor the water level is normal furnace. While controlling the temperature and replenishment level sensor solenoid valves, the boiler water may be continuously supplied. 7, water boiler fuel water speed, water volume, widely used in factories, hospitals, schools, etc. required a large amount of boiling water units. Shutdown procedure: 1, when it is desired to deactivate the combustion boiler to the switch in the OFF position, the oil supply is stopped, the flame is extinguished, but the fan is still operating to blow away the residual flue gas in the furnace. 2, when the blower is stopped, the operation OFF switch to turn off the power and then, after closing the steam valve, and the fuel supply valve to close the valve. 3, open the drain valve when the discharge pressure is reduced after the boiler play an open valve, to drain the water in the boiler, and the steam partial open the drain valve to drain the water in the drum segregation. Daily checks: 1, check the water level regulator function: whether the automatic water pump stops. 2. Check flame monitoring. 3, is rotated, the slide cam portion lubricating, and wiping. 4, the flushing water level gauge 1-2 times (class), according to the proper operation, so that until the rinse water level gauge. 5, sewerage 1-2 times (class).

The recent good news story: Union Square soon Group was named the provincial Federation of factory affairs leading group as "micro-small and medium private enterprises in Henan workers' congress building demonstration units" honorary title. Win the title, is inseparable from the efforts of all labor union workers, they work with their own solid foundation, effective operational mechanism and splendid achievements successfully nominated and award winning. Over the years, the Labor Union under the correct guidance of urban levels of trade unions, under the correct leadership of the Party, Comrade rely on the staff, smooth internal management channels, good to play the democratic management of conflicts "relief valve" business "stabilizer" and developing the "catalyst".

Features gas steam boiler are: energy saving and easy to install biomass boilers is a kind of boiler is used as boiler fuel to biomass energy is called biomass boilers, steam boilers into biomass, biomass fired hot water boiler cost in puducherry, biomass stove, biomass gas steam boiler, biomass boiler vertical, horizontal biomass boilers. ---- boiler combustion apparatus most suitable for reciprocating grate biomass fuel combustion. Boiler structural design, relatively large conventional boiler furnace space, while the secondary air is arranged very reasonable, precipitated instantly when favor combustion of raw material a large amount of volatile fuel combustion. Boiler can be equipped with fuel (gas) ignition burner ignition achieve automation. Boiler feed, combustion, slag, water supply, ignition can be automatically controlled, the operation is very convenient. The boiler is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, can timely removal of the boiler heating surface fouling, boiler to ensure efficient and stable operation. Rear of the boiler economizer disposed, you may need to be arranged according to the air preheater user. Compared with the traditional boiler higher boiler efficiency, low exhaust gas temperature. Efficient insulation material, the surface temperature of the boiler is low, the heat loss is negligible. China strictly in accordance with national norms and standards, all boiler pressure parts are made of high quality steel. Before each boiler factory to go through a rigorous inspection and testing, including pressure testing and X-ray detection. Set manhole, inspection doors, fire observation holes, etc., maintenance is very convenient. Features biomass boilers are: energy saving, environmental protection, and easy to install.

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