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Boilers which are several general, in what is now the mainstream Why? 1, gas combined 3510 kw condensing boiler supplier advantages: efficient, clean, environmentally friendly, without manual operation, only need to monitor, small footprint, no transportation fuel, no need to deal with soot, due to the combustion of natural gas free of impurities, without corrosion damage to the boiler and related accessories long boiler life, defined as 15 years, but basically long-term use. Is now mainstream boiler, natural gas is the environmental protection sector, the government vigorously promoted. Cons: You do not know how much that gas prices are calculated according to the calorific value and thermal efficiency, generally bituminous coal per ton of coal (according to 5500 kcal / kg) is approximately equal to 350 to 400 cubic meters of gas. Probably a little slightly more expensive than coal. (No transport, area, ash handling, labor, etc. into the calculation). 2, oil-fired boiler, advantages: substantially the same structure and properties of gas boilers. Disadvantages: higher cost of natural gas is 2 times the boiler, diesel transportation, storage more dangerous, accident-prone. And the domestic diesel supply is unstable, easily interrupted. 3, coal-fired boilers, the advantages: the economy. Disadvantages: 1, requires a lot of ash and coal yard area. 2, a boiler fireman for 4 to 8 people. 3, boiler room and coal yard is very dirty. 4, noise, emissions of dust, nuisance. 5, environmental protection departments often to check an inattentive, he was diagnosed with excessive emissions, maintenance shutdown, fine, very troublesome. 6, coal sulfur content are more severe corrosion of boiler, 10 to 15 years after the basic unusable. Summary: Due to high oil prices and supply unstable now, and now oil-fired boiler has been temporarily withdrawn from the market. Natural gas prices due to regional differences are very different, although you are not sure where the price of natural gas, but natural gas in most parts of the domestic coal is relatively expensive, (only in Sichuan, northwest of cheaper natural gas). Especially large industrial boilers, more fuel, the cost difference is more obvious. Coal-fired boilers to heavy air pollution, with the country on environmental issues more and more attention, more stringent emission requirements for coal-fired boilers, a lot of urban cities, has stopped the examination and approval procedures coal-fired boilers. It is recommended that, if your organization is not large tonnage production of boilers, installation of gas boilers or better, although with a little more than fuel costs, but in the actual operation of the process, you can save a lot of things, while saving area, the environment is clean.

Overview of 3 ton Firetube Gas Fired Steam Boiler

3 ton Fire tube gas fired steam boiler as one of the implementation subitems awarded by the world bank GEF efficient environmental protection boiler project, which is developed by ZG Boiler for the technical cooperation with the German, has reached the advanced world level, and is in the leading level of domestic boiler industry.

3 otn Fired tube gas fired steam boiler for sale in ZG Boiler adopts the international popular three return structure with big volume design of combustion chamber, and it can make the burning more fully. The corrugated furnace structure not only increases the heat transfer area, but also satisfies the free expansion after the furnace is being heated. It has a wide fuels adaptability, not only gas, but also oil, light oil, heavy oil, city gas, biogas and so on all can be its fuels.

The main role of the auxiliary combined 3510 kw condensing boiler supplier is the effect of several auxiliary boiler auxiliary boiler combustion, are mainly the following: (1) primary fan: drying of fuel, the fuel supplied into the furnace, generally a centrifugal fan; (2) blower: to overcome the air preheater, duct resistance of the burner, combustion air delivery, fuel combustion is maintained; (3) drawing fan: negative flue gases, maintain the chamber pressure, a flow of flue gas, flue gas and air to complete heat exchange; (4) mill: the pulverized coal pulverized coal fineness required, the thickness of the completion of drying and powder separation; (5) a sealing fan: providing a certain air pressure, to prevent powder leakage mill. Stoker: coal, and controlling the amount of coal; (6) Electrostatic precipitator: Dust Removal System: residue positions, machine slag, slag crusher, bucket elevator, wetting mixer, bag filter, automotive bulk machine Of course, in addition to fire detection blower, air compressor, a given row, even row, pumps.

Coal-fired combined 3510 kw condensing boiler supplier not only seriously polluted air, which produces a large amount of waste water sludge can also cause serious water pollution and soil contamination. To protect the city of Tongren green water blue sky, since 2014, led by the city of Tongren City, Guizhou Bureau of Quality Supervision, of 10 steam tons / hour within built-up areas and Tongren City High-tech Zone, Economic Development Zone, Tai Lung range and below, in Guizhou tobacco industry limited liability company Tongren cigarette factory, Tongren City, drug rehabilitation centers, Tongren Wantong construction and development Co., Ltd. and other 36 enterprises of coal-fired boilers to carry out an intensive diagnostic investigation. One by one on the ground to verify the registration, and the companies signed an undertaking to ban coal-fired boilers eliminated; to effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, according to the spirit of the document, to take the initiative within the time limit or eliminate the use of coal-fired boiler unit to switch to clean energy, the after review and acceptance Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, according to the amount of coal-fired boilers hour evaporation reward, award criteria tons of steam per 30,000 yuan subsidy.

Up to now, the city of Tongren out of 36 coal-fired boiler units, a total of 43.051 tons of steam, an award subsidies 1,291,530 yuan, so far, the city of Tongren jurisdictions total phase-out of all coal-fired boilers, and lay a good foundation for the creation of ecological civilization demonstration area.

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